Our Services

Our building services in the Illawarra can help to make your dream home a reality. We understand that such a big project isn’t something that can be done overnight. However, we take a committed approach to working with deadlines, and view it as an integral part of our business to get the job done as quickly as possible. MRF Constructions is truly a building company with integrity.

Minimising the intrusion on your life is our responsibility. We see our job as facilitating your dreams, and therefore leaving behind a mess is simply inexcusable. We promise to get in, get the job done quickly and leave only our work behind once we’re done. Building services include the clean up. That’s a MRF Constructions guarantee.

We promise to cut no corners and never accept second best when we do a job for you. The highest quality materials and workmanship are our promise. We make sure that our techniques are at the cutting edge of the industry so that you are left with a home that will last. Our guarantee is that you will be impressed by the building services in Corrimal that we offer.

New Homes

We specialise in all types of residential construction, including new custom designs. We understand there is a lot of emotional strain in the decisions you will need to make when building a new home.

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If you need more space but would rather extend, talk to us about your options. We work closely with you to fulfil both your needs and your budget – no matter how large or small.

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If you need a kitchen, bathroom, or whole house renovation, then look no further. We are ready to transform your building into a premises you can be proud of.

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Garages & Carports

Whether it’s refurbishing or extending an existing garage or carport, or changing its usage to incorporate additional living space, a home office, storage or a wine cellar, we can work with you to achieve the best outcome to fit with existing structures. We can also construct using new or recycled materials.

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Decks & Pergolas

Building a deck or pergola is probably the easiest way to add value or make an immediate impact with your home. We have built countless decks and pergolas and can attest to the difference adding a new deck and pergola can make to your home.

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